Gernot Böhme public lecture


Thesis Eleven Centre for Cultural Sociology
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
La Trobe University

University of Melbourne and Thesis Eleven Centre Public Lecture

Invasive Technification

Gernot Böhme

This lecture deals with the question: what does the progressive technification mean to our existence as humans. Two changes in technology are here important: Technology can no longer be considered a just means for certain purposes, moreover a great part of technology is not purposive at all – but just for fun. Examples for technology intruding our own body, our experience and our way of living together are:

–   Technology as substitution of human organs or as “enhancement” of human functions

–   Technology as new integration principle of society

–   Technology as civilizing principle – in contrast to culture.

Tuesday 26 November 2013
6pm – 7.30 pm

Harold White Theatre
Level 2, 757 Swanston Street (cnr Swanston and Grattan Streets)
The University of Melbourne

Gernot Böhme is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Darmstadt Technical University, Germany. Böhme has been Guest Professor at Universities in Austria, Sweden, USA, Japan, the Netherlands, the UK, and Australia. In 2003, Böhme received the Denkbar-Preis für obliques Denken (Denkbar Prize for Lateral Thinking). He has risen to prominence through his work in aesthetics, the philosophy of embodiment and technology, and practical philosophy. His book Architektur und Atmosphäre (2006, Architecture and Atmosphere) is most influential in art and design practice throughout the world.

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