Keith Tester in conversation with Peter Beilharz

Hoch-Cut_With_the_Kitchen_KnifeTuesday 19 August 2014, 4 – 6 pm

La Trobe University, Martin Building 362A

Open to the Public (No RSVP required)

Keith Tester and Peter Beilharz are among the leading interpreters of the work of Zygmunt Bauman. They began writing about this work when there was really no Bauman literature at all. That situation has changed; but Tester and Beilharz, are not, either, some kind of three legged person, or Bauman interpreters alone. They have different roads to Bauman, and other interests besides. This conversation takes advantage of Tester’s visit to the Thesis Eleven Centre to address these and other issues, including the nature, past and future of sociology, and its relation to cultural studies, literature and the visual.

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