Ivan Vladislavic in conversation with Peter Beilharz

Ivan VladislavicCities like Johannesburg are easily reviled, at a distance. Those who live in them, or are drawn to them, need to make peace with tough cities, even perhaps to love them.





Ivan Vladislavic is the leading South African writer of urban fiction. His work combines irony, humour, engagement and detachment, the insight and wisdom of the flaneur in this new and different environment. His recent works include Double Negative (2011);  A Labour of Moles (2012); The Loss Library (2012,) and the fragments in Portrait with Keys (2006).

This is Ivan’s first visit to Australia.

Order now: Portrait with Keys 

Ivan will read and talk with Peter Beilharz, Director of La Trobe University’s Thesis Eleven Centre, focussing on the flaneur’s fragments: Portrait with Keys.

Thursday 23 October, 6.15 for 6.30pm

Reader’s Feast Bookstore – 162 Collins Street

$6.00pp payable at the door

 Ticket Sales:  Tel:  (03) 9662 4699

email: readers@readersfeast.com.au

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