Webinar: Opening a Line from Chengdu to Melbourne, via Budapest

The La Trobe University China Studies Research Centre presents this online event featuring Thesis Eleven editors Peter Beilharz, Sian Supski and Trevor Hogan. You can register for this event below.

Opening a Line from Chengdu to Melbourne, via Budapest

Date: Thursday 4 June 2020
Time: 3:00-4:30pm

Agnes Heller, the leading Hungarian philosopher, worked at La Trobe from 1978 to 1986 and was a significant influence on the fledgling journal Thesis Eleven, established in Melbourne in 1980. From 2006, the journal began to publish work on Heller from China, led by Professor Fu Qilin at Sichuan University. In more recent years Peter Beilharz, Sian Supski and Trevor Hogan have been collaborating with Prof. Fu, whose research center for Eastern European Marxist aesthetics is now affiliated with Thesis Eleven. This seminar will tell the story of “Developing a Relationship between Two Centres (at La Trobe University and Sichuan University) and Two Social Theory Journals (Thesis Eleven: critical theory and historical sociology and Comparative Literature East and West)”.

Register here

Zoom Link: https://latrobe.zoom.us/j/3484666015

We will send you the password after registration. Or Telephone: +61 2 8015 2088 and enter meeting ID: 348 466 6015; Or click “View Now” in your confirmation email after you have registered, then click the screen icon.

About the Speakers

Peter Beilharz is Professor of Critical Theory at Sichuan University, and founder of Thesis Eleven: critical theory and historical sociology (Sage). He was appointed to replace Agnes Heller in 1988, and taught at La Trobe for almost thirty years. He is now Professor Emeritus at La Trobe.

Dr Sian Supski is Research Fellow in Sociology in the Centre for Stem Cell Systems, in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, at The University of Melbourne. She is a Commissioning Editor of Thesis Eleven and a Research Affiliate at Sichuan University, PRC.

Dr Trevor Hogan teaches sociology and Co-convenes Thesis Eleven Forum for Social and Political Theory, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, La Trobe University. He is a Co-ordinating Editor, Thesis Eleven journal.

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