Call for Papers Uniwersyteckie Czasopismo Socjologiczne/Academic Journal of Sociology

Image: No Man’s Land (1943) Jankel Adler, Tate

Call for papers

Uniwersyteckie Czasopismo Socjologiczne/Academic Journal of Sociology

Leading Editors: Tomasz Michał Korczyński, Marcin Choczyński

According to the legend, in May 1973 David Bowie was travelling through Poland back from a trip from Moscow. At the Warszawa Gdańska station the train had a very long technical stop. It was used by the British artist to walk into the city and by chance buy a vinyl with songs performed by the folklore band “Śląsk” at a local music store. We can find echoes of this accidental meeting today on his album “LOW” in the song “Warszawa”. We would like to follow this path and focus on the influence of Polish culture on the broadly understood world culture and technology.

You are welcome to contribute to this upcoming issue of the ‘Uniwersyteckie Czasopismo Socjologiczne / Academic Journal of Sociology’. The topic of the issue will be one hundred and fifty years of the influence of Polish culture on world science, literature, music and technology.

You are expected to focus on the topics in sociology, cultural studies, musicology, literary studies, and history. They will touch upon the strong Polish accent of the global reception of its cultural systems, which would be treated on two different levels:

a) As the influence of the Polish culture in the form of famous names of Polish artists;
b) And as the reception and presence of elements of the Polish culture in the works of foreign artists, scientists and other creative personalities.

Texts that touch upon the following issues, are especially welcome:

  • the influence of Polish scientists on the world science, among them Aleksander Czekanowski, Stefan Banach (we would happily accept articles also about the works of Florian Znaniecki or Ludwig Gumplowicz)
  • the influence of Polish male and female writers and poets on world literature (W. Gombrowicz, R. Gary, W. Szymborska), referring to the last name of the famous poet, a Noble Prize winner, we would be happy to accept, among others, articles about the work of the other Polish Nobel Prize winners)
  • the influence of the Polish composers, musicians as well as painters and directors that remained outside Poland (Mieczysław Weinberg, Zbigniew Preisner, Roman Polański, Zdzisław Beksiński)
  • the reception of Polish science in tje global technology (e.g. the discoveries of the ancestor of the “Silicon valley” Jan Czochralski or K-202 by Jacek Karpiński)
  • the reception of Polish culture in music, science, literature, photography, cinematography etc.

    Deadline for the abstract/outline submission:
    31 December 2020 to email:

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