Online Lecture: John Grumley on Gyorgy Markus’ How Is Critical Economic Theory Possible?

Speaker: Associate Professor John Grumley
Host: Fu Qilin
Commentator: Peter Beiharz

15 April 2023
Sichuan University (online zoom event)
All welcome (zoom login details below)

In the early l970s, György Márkus invited János Kis and György Bence to work on the Hungarian version of How Is Critical Economic Theory Possible? The English translation published by Brill in August last year opens this important rethinking of Marx to an international readership.

John Grumley, Honorary Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy, University of Sydney and Co­-director of the Markus Archive.

Fu Qilin, Doctor of Literature. Professor at Sichuan University. Project leader of the key project of the National Social Science Foundation – Bibliography and Research of Eastern European Marxist Aesthetics

Peter Beilharz, Professor of Critical Theory at Sichuan University and founding editor of Thesis Eleven.

11:00-13:00 (AEST – Sydney/Melbourne)
9:00-11:00 (CST – Beijing)

Zoom meeting: 899 4244 1547
Password: 045707

This lecture is part of the College of Literature and Journalism (Sichuan University) lecture series: Marxism and Chinese Culture.

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