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Welcome to the digital news office of Thesis Eleven, journal of critical theory and historical sociology. Here you will find announcements of published issues of the journal, dates and details of upcoming events hosted by the Thesis Eleven Centre for Cultural Sociology and our affiliates, and other morsels of information to whet your intellectual appetite.

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about the journal

Established in 1980 Thesis Eleven is a truly international and interdisciplinary peer reviewed journal. Innovative and authoritative the journal produces articles, reviews and debate with a central focus on theories of society, culture, and politics and the understanding of modernity.

The purpose of this journal is to encourage the development of social theory in the broadest sense. We view social theory as both multidisciplinary and plural, reaching across social sciences and liberal arts (sociology, anthropology, philosophy, politics, geography, cultural studies and literature) and cultivating a diversity of critical theories of modernity across both the German and French senses of critical theory.

The identity of the journal, like its location, is multiple: European in the continental sense, but also transatlantic and colonial. The journal translates European social theory, mainstream and marginal, and it also takes theory from the margins of the world system to the centres.

Social theory progresses through substantive concerns as well as formal or textural endeavour; the journal therefore publishes theories, and theorists, surveys, critiques, debates and interpretations, but also papers to do with place, region, or problems in the world today, encouraging civilizational analysis and work on alternative modernities from fascism and communism to Japan and Southeast Asia. Marxist in origin, post-Marxist by necessity, the journal is vitally concerned with change as well as with tradition.

For contents of past issues of the journal, see the Sage website

notes for contributors

Full manuscript submission guidelines can be found here

editorial board:

Co-ordinating Editors:

Peter Beilharz Sichuan University

Trevor Hogan La Trobe University

Commissioning Editors:

Timothy Andrews La Trobe University

Rachel Busbridge Australian Catholic University

Alonso Casanueva Baptista La Trobe University

Eduardo De La Fuente James Cook University

Andrew Gilbert La Trobe University

Simon Marginson University College London

Julian J Potter La Trobe University

Ira Raja University of Delhi

Raul Sanchez Urribarri La Trobe University

Sian Supski Melbourne University

Review Editor:

Peter Beilharz Sichuan University

Production Assistant

Julian J Potter


Timothy Andrews


Editorial Advisory Board:

Jeffrey Alexander Yale University

Dominique Bouchet University of Southern Denmark

Craig Calhoun London School of Economics

Luis David SJ Ateneo de Manila University

Gerard Delanty University of Sussex

Chamsy el-Ojeili Victoria University of Wellington

Austin Harrington University of Leeds

Axel Honneth University of Frankfurt

Martin Jay University of California, Berkeley

Hans Joas University of Erfurt

Joel Kahn La Trobe University

Krishan Kumar University of Virginia

Udaya Kumar University of Delhi

Fuyuki Kurasawa York University

Vassilis Lambropoulos University of Michigan

María Pía Lara Autonomous University of Mexico

John Lechte Macquarie University

Tessa Morris-Suzuki Australian National University

Maria Celia Paoli University of Sao Paulo

Carole Pateman University of California, Los Angeles

Orlando Patterson Harvard University

Louis Ruprecht Georgia State University

Donald Sassoon University of London

Priti Singh Jawaharlal Nehru University

Margaret R Somers University of Michigan

George Steinmetz University of Michigan

Ivan Szelenyi New York University

Alain Touraine École des hautes études en sciences sociales

Julian Triado Melbourne/ London

Peter Vale Johannesburg Institute of Advanced Study (JIAS)

Loic Wacquant University of California, Berkeley

Peter Wagner University of Barcelona


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