9th Annual Castoriadis in the Antipodes Conference, Melbourne 2016

‘Postscripts from the Antipodes’ 28th of November 2016 City Campus, La Trobe University 360 Collins Street, Melbourne. The Thesis Eleven Centre for Cultural Sociology, Department of Social Inquiry, La Trobe University invites you to the 9th annual conference of the Castoriadis in the Antipodes Network. The Castoriadis in the Antipodes conference encourages an encounter of…

Issue 136, October 2016

South African Papers   Why read Ivan Vladislavic? The papers gathered together in this special section of Thesis Eleven offer some clues to the curious, or to those watching the detectives. Vladislavic is one of the premier writers in and of South Africa, which is to say something, as this is a rich and vibrant…

Seminar: the Persistence of Graffiti

This event is at the Bundoora campus of La Trobe University. To register, enter your name in the box below, and click ‘Submit’. An email will be sent to our mailbox. Download PDF flyer: persistence-of-graffiti-seminar This is a free event, registration is for the estimation of attendance.

Issue 135, August 2016

Mapping Western Australia. The Perth experience, and that of Western Australia, has differences that need to be recognized for what they are, rather than airbrushed over in the cause of generating a unified historical narrative that privileges the south-east corner of the continent and the reinforcement of Australia as a unified nation-state.

Issue 134, June 2016

Democracy and Recognition   This issue aims to bridge some of the theoretical gaps by discussing the interconnections between recognition and democracy. This is done by, firstly, highlighting the fact that the relationship of these two concepts is not without its problems – there certainly is potential for pathological developments and deviations – and, secondly,…