Issue 139, April 2017

Empires and Nation-states. This introduction to a special issue focuses on the complex and contradictory relationships of empires and nation-states. It contests the traditional views that posit nation-states and empires as the mutually exclusive forms of state organization. The paper identifies the key features of these two ideal types and then briefly reviews the current developments in this field. This introduction also provides a summary overview of the nine contributions that compose the special issue.

7@11: Storytelling at home and away

7@11: Storytelling home and away: nation community and diaspora (the Filipino perspective) Dr Trevor Hogan in dialogue with Merlinda Bobis and Carlos Celdran. Recorded at Castlemaine State Festival, on Thursday 23rd of March. What is the relationship between writing and performance and does this change according to audience and site? This session is a conversation…