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Thesis Eleven Populism(s) Portal

Welcome to the Thesis Eleven Populism(s) Portal. Over two years have passed since we penned the introductory essay to Populism(s), the first part of a double special issue published in this journal focused on populism in theoretical and comparative perspectives. Back then, we joined efforts to help overcome the claim that populism is an ‘essentially contested concept’ and thus push the debate towards greater conceptual clarity

As we highlighted, populism as an idea has a long academic tradition and has been used (and abused) for years by different scholarly approaches. The concept experienced a dramatic renaissance in connection to the arrival in power of anti-establishment right-wing leaders and parties across the world.

On this page you will find the contents of our two special issues engaging with populism. In time we will include events, essays and more.

Image: Umberto Boccioni (1912) La Strada Entra Nella Casa

Issue 164, June 2021: Populism(s) II

How will populism research evolve in the coming years? Whilst the field has expanded dramatically and – as this issue shows – there remains substantial room for theoretical and empirical contributions, it is also true that forthcoming scholarship will need…

Paradoxes of Populism during the Pandemic

by Rogers Brubaker What makes the present moment so fraught is that the dynamics of medical, economic, political, and epistemic crises interpenetrate in complex and largely unforeseeable ways. The future course of the pandemic, for example, itself depends on many…

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