India’s migrant crisis: the sovereign injunction that was not

by Ira Raja

In the weeks that followed the announcement of the lockdown, the Government of India, not unlike governments elsewhere, issued several rules and decrees, all purportedly aimed at containing the contagion through non-violent measures or what the Indian PM called ‘the people’s curfew’. But the biopolitical measure of the lockdown, meant to illustrate the mechanism of making (rather than letting) live, was beset from the beginning by a range of contradictions.

Issue 119, December 2013

This issue brings together several essays in different fields of inquiry, from German Idealism to biopolitics. While they may appear to be disparate in their focus, the themes of autonomy, freedom, and identity nevertheless emerge as a common basic problematic. Rundell ventures into the arcane world of Fichte’s Science of Knowledge to plumb its depths…