Issue 146, June 2018

Issue 146, June 2018. Imagination and the Colonisation of lifeworlds. Featuring: Mark Harrison, Gerasimos Karavitis, Clayton Fordahl, Axel Fliethmann, Lachlan Ross, Andrew Gilbert, Chamsy el-Ojeili and Harry Blatterer

Issue 135, August 2016

Mapping Western Australia. The Perth experience, and that of Western Australia, has differences that need to be recognized for what they are, rather than airbrushed over in the cause of generating a unified historical narrative that privileges the south-east corner of the continent and the reinforcement of Australia as a unified nation-state.

Issue 124, October 2014

On Luc Boltanski: Contradictions and Critiques   “Boltanski is described as challenging formulaic approaches in sociology and as developing instead novel theoretical insights and an innovative pragmatist methodology. It is suggested that these innovations are complemented by Boltanski’s substantial investigations into empirical developments. Links are drawn between the themes of Boltanski’s work, especially on the…

Issue 117, August 2013

The Subject of Politics David Roberts writes in his introduction The question common to the papers in the present issue is that of the subject of politics, more exactly, the revolutionary subject, the counter-revolutionary subject, and the political subject as such. The theorists are European and the focus, with the exception of one paper on…