Update: Living and Thinking Crisis online series

It’s been several weeks since we launched our special online series of essays and photo-essays; engaging with the pandemic in the real-time of its making. Our aim has been to document the thoughts (and lived-experience) of authors and artists from diverse locations, cultural/political contexts and from different intellectual perspectives. Below you will find a list of the articles published to date.

Culture in ‘Isolation’

by Donald Sassoon

Consuming culture in almost complete isolation has been possible for years but under the conditions of the current pandemic we are encouraged and even obliged to do so.

Issue 115, April 2013

Between Adolescence and Anger: The ‘new’ South Africa nears Twenty This issue features prominent South African political theorists, sociologists, and public figures. It contains an interview with the late Jakes Gerwel – statesman, academic, activist – and several penetrating and insightful papers. The authors explore issues of race, gender, politics, culture, and arts in past…