16th Thesis Eleven Centre Annual lecture

From the violence at the mine in Marikana to the almost daily scenes of evictions from occupied buildings in the inner city of Johannesburg, and from the protests in working class areas like Eldorado Park, to the perfect storm and raging wild fires that have surrounded the drought stricken province of the Western Cape – I shall be working with notions of how the histories of settlement and the settler state underpin the present, and how these might and might not resonate with Australian realities.

Ivan Vladislavic in conversation with Peter Beilharz

Cities like Johannesburg are easily reviled, at a distance. Those who live in them, or are drawn to them, need to make peace with tough cities, even perhaps to love them.         Ivan Vladislavic is the leading South African writer of urban fiction. His work combines irony, humour, engagement and detachment, the…