Issue 145, April 2018

Modes of indigenous modernity: Identities, stories, pathways
Issue 145, April 2018 This special issue is the outcome of a collaborative venture – a three-day workshop between La Trobe University and Ateneo de Manila University, held in Manila. It brought together indigenous and non-indigenous researchers from both the Philippines and Australia and included aboriginal researchers in business studies, history, literature and anthropology, and non-indigenous researchers working on themes of indigenous history, material culture, film studies, literature, the visual arts, law and linguistics.

Issue 139, April 2017

Empires and Nation-states. This introduction to a special issue focuses on the complex and contradictory relationships of empires and nation-states. It contests the traditional views that posit nation-states and empires as the mutually exclusive forms of state organization. The paper identifies the key features of these two ideal types and then briefly reviews the current developments in this field. This introduction also provides a summary overview of the nine contributions that compose the special issue.

Issue 128, June 2015

Ernest Gellner and Historical Sociology The principal aim of this special issue is to shed light on the broader scope of Gellner’s work with a view to demonstrating the contemporary relevance of his ideas. More specifically, the ambition is to engage with his key theories and concepts in philosophy of history and historical sociology and…

T11 Annual Lecture: Krishan Kumar on ‘Empires and Nation-States: Convergences and Divergences’

Empires and nation-states are generally opposed to each other, as contrasting and antithetical forms. Nationalism is widely held to have been the solvent that dissolved the historic European empires. In this year’s Thesis Eleven Centre annual lecture, Krishan Kumar argues that there are in fact, in practice at least, significant similarities between nation-states and empires.…

Postgraduate Masterclass with Krishan Kumar

Following the Thesis Eleven annual lecture, Krishan Kumar will be delivering a masterclass for postgraduate students. This will be an opportunity for postgraduates to discuss their work with a leading sociologist whose diverse expertise covers nationalism and nation identity, Europe, global history, and problems of historical sociology. Wednesday 11 December, 2-4pm Room: MARB 488 La…