Photo essay – Of Tea and Grit: Kolkata in the Time of COVID-19

by Nilanjana Deb (text) and Jishnu Basak (photos)

Until a vaccine is made cheaply and readily available for all, Kolkata – like all cities – will have to keep moving between phases of city-wide lockdown, limited lockdown within containment zones, and periodic easing of travel and other restrictions to enable businesses and institutions to continue to function.

Photo essay – watching the crown: tangible uncertainty

by Sian Supski

This photo essay was written in the first lockdown in Melbourne, March to June 2020. We are now in the second lockdown. This time the vibe is different, and not easy to explain. The city feels more lonely. We look out our windows at the deserted streets, the empty gallery, the quiet bar and save for the construction noise next door and the passing sirens, it is eerily quiet.

The Age newspaper, October 6th 2013

Fearless Nadia leaves her calling card – first Thesis Eleven, now the Melbourne International Festival ‘The phantom lady strikes!‘ by Pushpamala N, Thesis Eleven. ‘A blue-eyed blonde in Bollywood’ by Steve Dow, The Age. At Melbourne’s ACMI, a forthcoming production called ‘Fearless Nadia’ will be performed on October 13th as part of the Melbourne International…