Viral histories: thinking in a pandemic

by Dilip M Menon

Covid-19 has made us reflect on the human condition, the connection with unknown others, in our own societies as much as elsewhere. From Wuhan to Washington, from Johannisholm to Johannesburg, the virus laughs at national borders and travels through human hosts. Virality is however, trumped by nationality as nations put into place more and more restrictions on travel and movement and the body remains marked as ever by colour, class and caste.

The Virus in the Queues

by Beth Vale

In the queue, the language of ‘social distancing’ is loaded with meaning – illuminating the connections between physical distance and social disparity. Queues make visible the social distance between those who wait and (often far-removed) centres of authority.

Annual Agnes Heller Lecture: Harry Blatterer

Annual Agnes Heller Lecture Intimacy as Freedom: Friendship, Gender and Everyday Life  Dr Harry Blatterer, Macquarie University Wednesday 5 November 2014 5.00 – 6.30 pm Martin Building Lecture Theatre In intimate life, anything seems possible. Sexualities, lifestyles and identities appear to be merely a matter of individual proclivity and choice. Commitment is optional. The last…

Keith Tester in conversation with Peter Beilharz

Tuesday 19 August 2014, 4 – 6 pm La Trobe University, Martin Building 362A Open to the Public (No RSVP required) Keith Tester and Peter Beilharz are among the leading interpreters of the work of Zygmunt Bauman. They began writing about this work when there was really no Bauman literature at all. That situation has…

Postgraduate Masterclass with Krishan Kumar

Following the Thesis Eleven annual lecture, Krishan Kumar will be delivering a masterclass for postgraduate students. This will be an opportunity for postgraduates to discuss their work with a leading sociologist whose diverse expertise covers nationalism and nation identity, Europe, global history, and problems of historical sociology. Wednesday 11 December, 2-4pm Room: MARB 488 La…