7@11: Storytelling at home and away

7@11: Storytelling home and away: nation community and diaspora (the Filipino perspective)

Dr Trevor Hogan in dialogue with Merlinda Bobis and Carlos Celdran.
Recorded at Castlemaine State Festival, on Thursday 23rd of March.

What is the relationship between writing and performance and does this change according to audience and site? This session is a conversation exploring nationalism and cosmopolitanism, regionalism and diaspora communities, nostalgia and critique, home and homesickness, writing and performing, with a focus on anglophone and Filipino languages and literatures. Join facilitator Dr Trevor Hogan, Director of the Philippines-Australia Studies Centre at La Trobe, Carlos Celdran, Filipino tour guide, cultural activist, and performing artist, and Merlinda Bobis, Philippine/Australian writer, performer and academic.

The video is in two parts: part one above, part two below.

Audio only is here:

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