Music Video: Help me

This article is a part of the Thesis Eleven online project: Living and Thinking Crisis

by Ian Collard (Melbourne)

We invited Ian to close this project for us, using a song with a message – ‘Help Me’. It allows Ian to play freehanded; usually his getup is guitar and harp in a rack. The fluency is inspiring. But as Ian has observed elsewhere, the soul of this music is live. It works through the intensity and the sense of comfort between the musicians, and it is amplified by the engagement of the audience. The closure of the live music scene has stymied the livelihood of these musos, but it has also deprived us, and them, of the magic of connection and performance. 

This is the last post on this series, to be followed by a coda next week . Thanks, meantime, to Ian for playing us out, and thanks to all our contributors, to all those who have helped us and each other in these terrible times.  


Ian Collard is one of Australia’s leading blues artists. His music is inspired by harmonica greats such as Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson and Sonny Terry. Ian’s style is reminiscent of some of his heroes like Dr Ross and Jimmy Reed, producing the authentic down-home blues sound that can be heard on his 2014 release “Swamp Stomp and Boogie”. In addition to his solo projects, Ian is part of Aria award winning Blues trio Collard Greens and Gravy and performs with one of Australia’s leading blues bands, the Backsliders. Website:

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