Issue 143, December 2017

Contemporary Perspectives on Critical Theory and Social Systems Theory
Guest Editors: Hans-Georg Moeller and Mario Wenning. Including an exchange between Agnes Heller and Jürgen Habermas

Issue 132, February 2016

Cultural Trauma, Morality and Nihilism Articles: Culture trauma, morality and solidarity: The social construction of ‘Holocaust’ and other mass murders Jeffrey C Alexander Abstract: Cultural trauma occurs when members of a collectivity feel they have been subjected to a horrendous event that leaves indelible marks upon their group consciousness, marking their memories forever and changing their…

Agnes Heller Annual Lecture 2015

Beyond Moral Decline: New Moralities for New Times? Dr Nicholas Hookway (Sociology, School of Social Sciences, The University of Tasmania)           THURSDAY 22nd OCTOBER, 2015 5pm to 6.30pm Martin Building Lecture Theatre 141, La Trobe University, Melbourne (all welcome) We’re in a state of moral decline in the West – or…