Crisis, trust and pandemic

by Andrew Simon Gilbert

It has become increasingly common over recent years for academics to declare a “crisis of trust” in Western institutions. One of the main points of this crisis has been the healthcare system, with eroding trust in doctors and the institutions of biomedicine apparently evident in surveys, as well as the proliferation of “anti-vaxxer” ideology and people’s willingness to second-guess health professionals

Update: Living and Thinking Crisis online series

It’s been several weeks since we launched our special online series of essays and photo-essays; engaging with the pandemic in the real-time of its making. Our aim has been to document the thoughts (and lived-experience) of authors and artists from diverse locations, cultural/political contexts and from different intellectual perspectives. Below you will find a list of the articles published to date.

Friday 4 October 2013

Thesis Eleven Centre Postgraduate/Staff Masterclass Dominique Bouchet University of Southern Denmark Consuming Ourselves to Death – The Ethics and Myth of Our Time What is the status of utility and consumption in modernity and postmodernity? I see trans- or postmodernity as a phase of modernity. The modern project of autonomy was, from the start, blurred…

Issue 117, August 2013

The Subject of Politics David Roberts writes in his introduction The question common to the papers in the present issue is that of the subject of politics, more exactly, the revolutionary subject, the counter-revolutionary subject, and the political subject as such. The theorists are European and the focus, with the exception of one paper on…