Extract: West and East

by Harry Redner

We are now undergoing a historic transformation in the destiny of mankind that is in many ways as decisive as any of those in the historic past, perhaps as far back as the Neolithic Revolution. For the very first time in history mankind has come together in a global society that some have called a technological civilization.

Issue 153, August 2019 Utopia Inverted: Günther Anders, Technology and the Social

This small glimpse of the formative contexts and personal and intellectual networks that shaped the trajectory of Anders’s work as a thinker, poet, and literary author gives a sense of how Anders’s writings can be mapped back onto the intellectual landscape of the 20th century in multiple and often unexpected ways.1 Over the last 25 years, this has given rise to a now vast body of scholarly work in German, French, and Italian (there are over 50 book-length engagements with Anders), and this special journal issue marks the growing interest in Anders’s work in Anglophone research

Video: Agnes Heller on Globalisation and Modernity

Agnes Heller discusses modernity and globalisation at the ‘Workshop on Civilisation and Modernity’ hosted by Sichuan University and co-sponsored by Thesis Eleven. Heller argues that technology, science, popular culture and high culture are all globalised in modernity whereas political traditions and social relations retain particular cultural and regional articulations.

Gernot Böhme Masterclass

   Thesis Eleven Centre for Cultural Sociology Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences La Trobe University University of Melbourne, Monash University and Thesis Eleven Centre Masterclass Theory of Atmospheres Gernot Böhme Atmospheres – moods and affects in their spatial situations – are the primary reality aesthetics (understood as aesthesis, a general theory of perception) has…

Gernot Böhme public lecture

Thesis Eleven Centre for Cultural Sociology Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences La Trobe University University of Melbourne and Thesis Eleven Centre Public Lecture Invasive Technification Gernot Böhme This lecture deals with the question: what does the progressive technification mean to our existence as humans. Two changes in technology are here important: Technology can no…

Issue 118, October 2013

Hurried Life / Good Life This issue brings together two guest edited sections on the works of Zygmunt Bauman and Daniel Bell. The first, edited by Mark Davis, director of the Bauman Institute in Leeds, tackles the problematic of temporality in the contemporary world. The experience of time itself seems to be melting – from…