Videos: 2018 Castoriadis in the Antipodes Symposium

These videos record several papers and the keynote lecture from the 2018 Castoriadis in the Antipodes Symposium. Continuing the tradition into its 11th year, the event celebrated and examined the intellectual contribution of Cornelius Castoriadis. Speakers include Craig Browne (Sydney University), Peter Murphy (La Trobe University), Sean McMorrow (Monash University) and Vrasidas Karalis (University of Sydney. This event was presented by Thesis Eleven Forum for Social and Political Theory and held at the Melbourne Greek Cultural Centre, December 2018.

This year (2019) the Castoriadis in the Antipodes Symposium will be held in November at Sydney University. You will find a call for papers and more details here.

The Problem of Hierarchy and the Modern Political Imaginary – Craig Browne

From “Capitalism and Revolution” to “Capitalism and Managerialism” – Peter Murphy

Castoriadis’ Theorisation of Historicity: Instituting Power and institutional Processes – Sean McMorrow

Public Lecture: ‘Cornelius Castoriadis and the project of Autonomy in Greco-Western Civilization’ – Vrasidas Karalis

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