New book – The Work of History: Writing for Stuart Macintyre

New book edited by Peter Beilharz and Sian Supski

The Work of History: Writing for Stuart Macintyre

(MUP, 2022)

Stuart Macintyre was an eminent figure within the world of Australian history scholarship for 45 years. This collection of essays and responses revisits and extends this extraordinary life of achievement and engagement. Leading scholars write here of Macintyre’s contribution to understanding radicalism and communism, postwar reconstruction, education and civics, universities, liberalism, historiography and the history wars. They also tell us about collegiality and friendship.

The practice of history writing and telling has long been central to the narrative of the nation in Australia. The Work of History connects us to that past. It raises the question of what comes next, and re-values Macintyre’s contribution, serving both as a snapshot of the state of the historian’s art, and an introduction to those who come more recently to this highly contested field.

Available on the Melbourne University Press website

Contributors (in order of contribution):

Peter Beilharz
Sian Supski
Geoff Eley
Kevin Morgan
Terry Irving
Bobbie Oliver
Ann Curthoys
Peter Love
Marilyn Lake
Frank Bongiorno
Sheila Fitzpatrick
Stephen Knight
Joy Damousi
Sean Scalmer
Diane Kirkby
Nicholas Brown
Rob Watts
Tim Rowse
Phillip Deery
Julie Kimber
Alison Bashford
Kate Darian-Smith
Graeme Davison
Len Richardson
Philippa Mein Smith
Carolyn Holbrook
Anna Clark
Simon Marginson
Patricia Grimshaw
Liam Byrne
Stuart Macintyre

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